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Awards Dinner (05/10/23)

The awards dinner at the Queens Head in Finghall took place on Thursday evening the 5th October.  The event was attended by some 30 people.

Finals Weekend (09&10/09/23)

Alison & Amanda

Steve C & Steve A

Hazel & Kathy

Click on the image of the match you want to see.

Peter & Steve C

Hazel & Peter

The finals of 5 knockout competitions played throughout the season were played on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10 September.  There were 3 finals played on Saturday and the remaining 2 matches were played on Sunday.  The proud winners are shown below.

Amanda Corp

Barclay Cup

Kathy Benson

Walker Cup

Steve Cotter

Wilk John Cup

Steve Cotter

Todd Cup

Hazel Derby

Jack Ellis Trophy

Dennis Boyes Trophy 02/09/2023

Photographs by Malcolm Corps

The Dennis Boyes Trophy was played on 2 September and was won by Hazel Derby with 26 points, second place went to Mervyn Buckley with 21 points and 3rd place to Kathy Benson with 18 points.

Captain v Chairman Match (16/07/23)

On Sunday 16th July the annual Captain v Chairman match was played.  A good time was had by all on this nice sunny afternoon and the Chairman's team won.  The photograph above shows some of the club members just after the match had been played.

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